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The Namibian Home PageWed 6 May 2015, 02:27Last update: 5 May 2015

The Namibian
Tue 5 May 2015
 *FOR MPs to feel safe all they need is to do their job properly, then there would not be any angry citizens against whom they might need protection.
 *MUNICIPALITY of Windhoek, what is going on with the buses? We are always late for work. Can someone out there help us with transport?
 *WHEN is the President going to tackle the Social Security Commission regarding maternity leave?
 *JOB Amupanda, come to Hardap and Karas regions as well. We are also suffering here!
 *ERINDI carwash in the main street of Otjiwarongo, please control your water flow.
 *MULTICHOICE Namibia, why can't you let people pay for channels they want to watch. Is it really impossible?
Who will be the big winner of NAMAs 2015?

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3. Oteya

4. Lize Ehlers

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