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The Namibian
Wed 29 Jul 2015
 *WHY should local authorities wait until the community members seek help from the government? Please appoint staff to resolve those problems just to avoid intimidation.
 *IF every employer who has a housing scheme benefit can assist the government in servicing land for their employees, it will at least reduce the number of landless employees.
 *THE land issue is solved now; we thank the government. Now we must fight for church issues. We are tired of the many churches in Namibia. We don't know what to follow.
 *WHAT is the plan with us in smaller towns? We apply for plots but nothing is done. Must we also join AR or what?
Has government dealt with the housing crisis appropriately?

1. No, not at all

2. They are trying their best

3. All talk, no action

4. Yes, through NHE & mass housing

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