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The Namibian
Tue 16 Sep 2014
 SACKY Shanghala, you head the Law Reform Commission and you place an advertisement from that Commission to congratulate yourself on your new position in Swapo? Is there any higher level of arrogance and waste of public funds than this?
 NAMIBIA should introduce a salary commission. Some people are paid way too much for their jobs, while others are paid way too little. I feel pity for our police officers, nurses and security guards.-Nocky Kaapehi
 NAMIBIA must consider Joe Diescho's advise on the danger of according State funerals to everyone. They should take a good example from South Africa, to avoid conflict.
 THE Anti-Corruption Commission must investigate how some top officials in the Ministry of Fisheries paid off their farm loans in record time after the 2011 quota allocations.
 DOES Hage Geingob really want power at all costs, so much so that he is willing to sacrifice the unity of the Swapo Party by bringing in shady characters at the expense of tested cadres?
 HAGE Geingob, when you take over the reigns, your focus must be on education, education and education like Robert Mugabe did. Today over 90% of Zimbabweans are educated and literate.
 THE hypocrisy and arrogance of the Omusati Clique has come to haunt them. Bye comrades.
What does the outcome of Swapo's electoral college prove?

1. The youth are on the rise.

2. The party is tired of the old guard.

3. What goes around comes around.

4. All of the above.

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NEWS - NATIONAL | 2014-06-05

Buddy Wentworth
Former deputy minister Wentworth dies
By Staff Reporter
FORMER Deputy Minister of Education Buddy Wentworth died early yesterday morning and was buried last night.
This was in accordance with his own wishes, that he be buried by Muslim burial rites.

Wentworth came to Namibia in 1970 to teach at Rehoboth and Swakopmund and joined Swapo Party two years later.

He was a surprise inclusion on the party's list for the Constituent Assembly in 1989 and at Independence was appointed education, culture, youth and sports deputy minister. During his time in parliament, he became known for his humour, rating parliamentarians' speeches through a point system. Fellow Swapo party members would, according to his judgement, generally fare better than those of the opposition.

Before he retired from active politics, Wentworth was Namibia's longest-serving deputy minister along with Hadino Hishongwa at higher education. Hishongwa was since posted as a diplomat to Botswana.

Wentworth was the first Namibian to be awarded the Palmes Academique by the French government for his services to the liberation struggle and education.

Wentworth was a founding chairperson of the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre in Windhoek and also chaired the National Commission for Unesco. He was a practising Muslim.

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  • Pau is right let us grieve Mr. Wentworth, not calling others name, Christian are peaceful people they don't kidnap innocent children like the Muslim did in Nigeria, Killing innocent people every day. Christian are the most peaceful people in the world. - Julia Kakuhu | 2014-06-06 08:55:00 || Comment id: 39756
  • we are grieved that he passed on, but this fellow who is calling us and our leaders selfish christian, who are you? i hope you are aware of what you are saying and i assume you are a Muslim. you are stupid! i mean it... why are you calling christian selfish and ignorant? tell me which countries on this planet with high number of Muslim is in peace today? don't preach your nonsense here, if you are so wise why don't you go and bring peace in the middle east. how can you talk about respect and calling others funny names. - pau | 2014-06-06 05:33:00 || Comment id: 39710
  • Rest in peace mrMr.entworth. You have served education well. - Pierre A pienaaP | 2014-06-05 19:10:00 || Comment id: 39699
  • He was a vicious man who tried to teach the selfish, self-centered Christians of Namibia to respect other religions. He did the greatest job to remove bible-study from the curriculum! He realized that bible study does not teach well-rounded individuals. If that was the case, the Christians should have had more respect for the dignity of others. Namibian Christians have it all wrong in their shallowness to keep criticizing other religions. God does not expect you to be disrespectful. - Ignorant Christian | 2014-06-05 14:12:00 || Comment id: 39676
  • Good riddance. As far as I know, this was the man who removed bible-study from the curriculum. May he pay for his actions eternally. - KM | 2014-06-05 13:27:00 || Comment id: 39663
  • Uncle Buddy, as he was affectionately known in Education circles, had been one of the stalwarts in the development of education in Namibia. His commitment and dedication to the teaching, development of the Namibian child and the betterment of the living standards of the Namibian populace is a legacy we shall cherish forever. To us, he was a father who held us when we cried, who scolded us when we broke the rules, who shone with pride when we succeeded, and who had faith in us even when we failed. I strongly believe that our good Lord who was able to raise Christ from the dead, will eventually raise Uncle Buddy when it is time for Him to do so. May his soul rest in eternal peace! - Josia S Udjombala | 2014-06-05 10:50:00 || Comment id: 39626
  • Our journalists need to proof-read their stories before they post them: where did Mr Wentworth come from when he came to Namibia? May his soul rest in eternal piece! - Weloh | 2014-06-05 10:35:00 || Comment id: 39616
  • He came to my schools inauguration somewhere in 1990s, rest in peace tate - Tangi | 2014-06-05 08:45:00 || Comment id: 39585
  • Condolences to his family, why doesnt the paper give his age when he died? - jim | 2014-06-05 07:54:00 || Comment id: 39563
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