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The Namibian
Tue 30 Sep 2014
 • ROAD accidents can be drastically reduced in many ways shown by Motor Vehicle Accident Fund and Roads Authority campaigns targeted at the drivers. Accidents can also be reduced by clear road markings to prevent lane departure.
 • NAMIBIAN government. Why do you allow Cabinet ministers to work when they are over 60 years, while government employees are told to retire at that age? That is very unfair, you only care about your own pockets.
 • MINISTER of Home Affairs and Immigration, we and our children do not have birth certificates in our own country. Your officers refuse to give us the documents although my mother and father are Namibians. It is our right to have all national documents.
 • IF I get straight As in Grade 10, I have a perfectly good chance of studying medicine in China and Utoni Nujoma will gladly opt for me to be his family doctor. No doubt.
 • INSPECTOR General Sebastian Ndeitunga, what do you think of police officers who joined the force in 1990 but are still just constables? Please do something to improve their morale.
 • The MUNICIPALITY of Swakopmund traffic department and Natis must stop advertising posts and then recruit friends and relatives who don't meet the requirements but are allowed to acquire the driving codes at a later stage.
In light of recent media reports, do you think the fisheries sector is in crisis?

1. No, it's just a media storm

2. Yes, sack the minister

3. Maybe, but do we have all the info yet?

4. Never! Namibians are getting empowered

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NEWS - NATIONAL | 2014-06-03
ECN to use new machines in all elections
THE Electoral Commission of Namibia says it has decided to make full use of the electronic voting machines for all elections taking place this year.
The Director of the Elections, Paul Isaak, dispelled any doubts about the use of the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in an interview with Nampa. This comes after complaints by opposition parties that they are in the dark over whether or not the machines would be used in the elections.

“This year, we will have three types of elections. The first one will be the Ohangwena regional council by-election, slated for 5 August,” the ECN director said.

The ECN is conducting the by-election, following the death of Ohangwena Constituency Councillor Maria Kombwana early in May.

“The second election will be the two Local Authority (LA) elections at the Otjinene Constituency in the Omaheke region and Bukalo Constituency in the Zambezi region, which will be held towards the end of August,” he said.

The Otjinene by-election was necessitated by government's decision to change the status of Otjinene from that of a settlement to a town. The elections were initially supposed to take place in 2013, but were postponed when the Swapo Party and the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) challenged the registration of over 404 prospective voters prior to the envisaged election last year.

The merit of the challenge was the eligibility of the concerned individuals as voters. The challenge was taken to court, where it was struck off the court roll last year.

By-elections will also be held for the first time in the Bukalo Constituency as it is a newly proclaimed LA, the ECN Director noted. The by-elections are in addition to the national general elections slated for November this year.

“At present, all we are waiting for is the finalisation of the registration of voters, which will take place early in June, in order for us to proceed with the supplementary registration of voters for the two LA elections before the end of August,” he stated.

The ECN director pointed out that the EVMs, which will be used for all elections, are intended to replace the use of a paperwork-based system during the forthcoming national elections and any proceeding or subsequent elections.

On concerns that there is a possibility for the EVMs to be tampered with, Isaak indicated that the machines are designed in such a way that they do not have any kind of computerised system in place.

“The EVM is a stand alone machine which consists of two parts, namely the ballot unit which will be used by the voter and the control unit which will be handled by a trained official,” he explained.

Isaak indicated that the fact that the machine does not have a computerised system excludes the possibility of tampering.

To put the minds of the various stakeholders - the political parties - at ease, the ECN director said during every election, political parties are free to provide party agents who will see to it that tampering does not take place. - Nampa

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  • job well done!! i hope so much that to be the case. - melody | 2014-06-03 15:34:00 || Comment id: 39343
  • As Namibians most of us are simply not patriotic, we take every little pathetic excuse we get to try and ignore voting and yet we are such cry babies afterwards blaming the people in charge, if you really want to cast your vote queues should be your last concern you will only be the for a few hours and have to wait for another 5 years to get a chance to vote, just go vote stop lazing around all the time long queues long queues nonsense... - Jackson | 2014-06-03 14:34:00 || Comment id: 39333
  • As we all aware that, National elections in Namibia are charaterised by long queues, and this sometimes does discourage many people from voting especially "we", i think EVM is the way to address this matter, which is means EVM is very fast, reliable, saves considerable time,,and even personnel power. it can only take 3 seconds if more to cast your vote. i like EVM - Mathew Lenga | 2014-06-03 13:42:00 || Comment id: 39326
  • The EVM is big improvement when it comes to these types of election as long the training to the officials and voters will be done with sufficient time. - sn | 2014-06-03 09:16:00 || Comment id: 39246
  • EVM is a great improvement .The paper work system is time consuming especially when it comes to counting process. Well done ECN. - Peke | 2014-06-03 08:21:00 || Comment id: 39214
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