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The Namibian
Thu 20 Nov 2014
 OUR leaders are too greedy and love money too much. They must be ashamed of themselves and take a cue from the selfless president of Uruguay. That is a true leader for me.
 I WONDER what kind of people, especially the youth, we have in Namibia. Fighting each other during political campaigns is not good at all. Let us respect each other. - Angry citizen
 SWAPO joins city boss hunt. Strategically placing comrades to continue plundering the city's resources.
 AFTER 24 years, how can Swapo say we must “exercise patience” regarding land? Is 24 years not enough patience already? Please tell us.
 REFERRING to those who voted Dillish to stardom as unproductive citizens smacks of arrogance, typical of those that have it all for themselves. The least she can do is to advocate for the landless.
Are you going to vote in the upcoming National Assembly and Presidential elections?

1. Yes! It' my duty.

2. No! Swapo will win anyway.

3. Maybe, but I haven't decided who to vote for.

4. Hell no! I'm not into politics.

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