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The Namibian
The Namibian Home PageWed 17 Sep 2014, 23:37Last update: 17 Sep 2014
The Namibian
Wed 17 Sep 2014
 THE responsible ministry must erect a statue for Andimba Toivo ya Toivo and rename one of the two public hospitals in Windhoek in his honour.
 FIRST these 'struggle kids' ask for and plead for jobs and then they quit? When you have a job in this country you keep it no matter what and you don't quit. You only leave it for a better offer elsewhere.
 A QUESTION to the Minister of Veterans' Affairs: When are some of us, who assisted Plan fighters inside the country, going to be awarded veterans' status?
 WE also want to enjoy the fruits of independence like those who fought bravely like us for our lovely and beautiful country Namibia.
 THE Outapi police officers forgot their duties a long time ago. You can report a case and they remain passive. “No transport”, is the only answer they give.
 IS Nantu aware that teachers in Otjozondjupa region are not getting their annual salary increases? We tried in vain to get our money. Nantu, please intervene as soon as possible.
In light of recent media reports, do you think the fisheries sector is in crisis?

1. No, it's just a media storm

2. Yes, sack the minister

3. Maybe, but do we have all the info yet?

4. Never! Namibians are getting empowered

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