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The Namibian
Fri 12 Sep 2014
 POLITICAL power without administrative power is useless. Swapo Party is not in charge of the government but the officials sitting on 'neutral fences of political convenience'. Let us have executive mayors and executive ministers and then we can blame th
 BERNARD Esau, Brazil and Paragon. Can the ACC please close down on this case. You would not recognise corruption even if it falls on your lavish new office complex like a meteorite from the sky.
 ZERO tolerance to corruption? Don't make me laugh. A Cabinet minister goes on an overseas jaunt then he declares that he does not know who paid for the trip.
 YES, 90% of the Plan fighters came from one tribe. But do not try to include skulls from that tribe among those returned from Germany as genocide victims were 100% from two tribes
 THE 'struggle kids' don't deserve that name anymore. Kids are more independent. From now on we should call them 'struggle babies' who lie idle on their backs, screaming until someone comes to feed them.
 MANAGER of MTC Namibia branch in Oranjemund, tell your staff not to listen in on the conversations of customers. That is an invasion of privacy. Don't transfer calls of people to others to listen in on their conversations.
What does the outcome of Swapo's electoral college prove?

1. The youth are on the rise.

2. The party is tired of the old guard.

3. What goes around comes around.

4. All of the above.

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FRONT PAGE | 2011-09-22
Shining a light on solar cooking
FOR cash-strapped people living in southern Namibia, donations of solar cookers came as a welcome addition to their households.
The Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust (NaDEET), a non-profit Namibian trust geared towards protecting Namibia's natural environment through educating citizens how to live sustainably, has to date donated about 70 solar cookers to almost 150 people in the South.
According to NaDEET, the solar cookers have proven essential to families who struggle with a regular income and for whom the cost of fuel, either gas, wood or electricity, can mean the difference between paying for food, clothing and school fees or not.
In 2010 NaDEET expanded its youth orientated programmes to include adults,  in order to expand knowledge about solar cooking and related issues, such as climate change.
A survey done prior to the training found that 57 per cent of the adults did not know about climate change. Viktoria Keding, director of NaDEET said it is important to realise that education about climate change and energy efficiency should be directed at children as well as adults.
She said there is a misperception that children are the primary target, whereas adults are just as eager to learn and adapt, especially when the benefits are clear.   
Keding said 'with training, eduction and access ... rural communities want to use solar cookers'.
Participants said solar cooking 'saves them time, effort and money by not having to collect firewood or use gas or electricity'.
But despite clear indications that Namibians are ready and willing to adopt solar cookers in their homes, challenges stand in the way of widespread use.
During a follow-up visit to participants this year, NaDEET found that only 67 per cent of those interviewed during the follow up 'cited daily use of their solar cookers'.
Some of the barriers include access to solar cookers, either financial or physical.
NaDEET propose increased awareness programmes through exisiting education programmes and government involvment. (For more information on solar cookers, visit


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