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The Namibian Home PageMon 3 Aug 2015, 14:08Last update: 3 Aug 2015
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Rugby World Cup 2015
The Namibian
Mon 3 Aug 2015
 *MINISTRY of Education, let studying for a learners licence be a subject in Grade 8 and 9 if road safety really is a national concern.
 *CHECKERS, instead of charging people for the use of trolleys, why don't you charge us for every plastic bag? You could make more money and contribute towards potecting the environment.
 *I WANT to know why the ministry of trade is allowing fake products to be sold on the market by the Chinese people in Namibia.
 *WHAT is the meaning of Vision 2030? Minister Haufiku, there was only one functional X-ray machine at Katutura Intermediate Hospital for the whole Khomas region. Now it is out of order.
Has government dealt with the housing crisis appropriately?

1. No, not at all

2. They are trying their best

3. All talk, no action

4. Yes, through NHE & mass housing

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NEWS - NATIONAL | 2015-08-03
Bomb victims broken men
NAFTALIE Haimbili (27) is a broken man, both physically and spiritually, after he accidentally stepped on a live 60mm mortar bomb that took away both his legs in Ovitoto last week. Read more...
Naftalie Haimbili

IJG Daily Bulletin
 NATIONAL | 2015-08-03
Land clearing starts in Windhoek
WINDHOEK set the land-clearing exercise in motion during the weekend when urban development minister Sophia Shaningwa joined more than 100 youths at the Goreangab dam area. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-08-03
Toddler, police officer die in shack fires
A toddler died when the shack he was sleeping in caught fire in Tsumeb's Saamstaan area in the early hours of Saturday. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-08-03
Dogs savage Rehoboth girl (7)
A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD girl is recovering in hospital after she was attacked by two boerboel dogs in the Block B area of Rehoboth last week. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-08-03
Knife killer given 15 years in prison
NAMIBIA'S courts will not tolerate the use of knives to settle disputes among people, a magistrate warned in the Windhoek Regional Court when he sentenced a knife killer to 15 years' imprisonment on Friday. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-08-03
Windhoek shelves security levy idea
DESPITE an unfavourable response from Windhoek residents on the implementation of a security levy, the municipality maintains that it will go ahead with such plans. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-08-03
Sewage soaks Grootfontein
TOWNSHIPS in Grootfontein are soaking in sewage after a pipe burst and the clogging of the communal toilet drainage system.

Residents at the Blikkiesdrop settlement, a fast-growing township on the outskirts of the town, said they are surrounded by sewage puddles. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-08-03
Typical Nam executive is white, male
WHITE Namibians continue to dominate top positions in key sectors of the economy by occupying over 61% of executive directorship posts, the latest report by the Employment Equity Commission revealed. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-08-03
AirNam asks Gsponer to leave
COMEDY-PRONE Air Namibia last week asked its acting managing director Swiss-born Rene Gsponer to pack and go when his two-year contract expires in November. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-08-03
Elephants kill two in north-east
TWO people were attacked and killed by elephants in the Zambezi and Kavango regions on Friday. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-08-03
Man, 14 cattle killed in accident
A MAN died when a vehicle he was travelling in hit some cattle along the Kalkrand and Mariental road on Saturday also killing 14 animals. Read more...

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