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Rugby World Cup 2015
The Namibian
Thu 30 Jul 2015
 *FROM what I know making land available is not supposed to happen after knocking at the President's office. Shame on you who are entrusted with this national responsibility.
 *I WORK for the government. Year in and year out, it's just the same: people going to trade fairs and expo exhibitions.
 *HOME affairs, how come it only takes a week and N$160 to get a passport, but up to a year to renew a work permit?
 *CONGRATS Job. You started something very good. All of a sudden there seems to be land available. Keep it up, Big Brother.
Has government dealt with the housing crisis appropriately?

1. No, not at all

2. They are trying their best

3. All talk, no action

4. Yes, through NHE & mass housing

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NEWS - NATIONAL | 2015-07-30
City farms cheaper than houses
LONG-TERM contracts signed between the Windhoek municipality and well-connected entities involving the lease of four farms at ridiculously low rates are haunting the council. Read more...
Joshua Amukugo

IJG Daily Bulletin
 NATIONAL | 2015-07-30
Robbed of their childhood
HIS 13-year-old eyes look tired as he stands under a tree waiting for our appointment. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-07-30
Police cadet dies after exercise
POLICE are investigating the death of a 22-year-old cadet who collapsed and died while undergoing training at the Danger Ashipala Police Training Centre at Ongwediva early this month. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-07-30
Chinese man admits smuggling rhino horns
ONE of the Chinese men accused of trying to smuggle 14 rhino horns out of Namibia in March last year admitted yesterday that he knew he was carrying controlled wildlife products in two suitcases which he was planning to take to China. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-07-30
Namibia has intolerably high failure rates - Unicef
WHILE primary education is free in Namibia, there is still a huge number of children in the country who are not attending school. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-07-30
Consultants to run SOE ministry
STATE-owned entity Namibia Post and six other private companies have joined the race for the tender to run the core functions of the newly formed Ministry of Public Enterprises. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-07-30
Woman jailed for killing abused child
A 30-YEAR prison term is the price that an Omusati woman will have to pay for the killing of a three-year-old child who died after suffering physical abuse while in her care. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-07-30
Shifeta calls for stricter control of hazardous materials
ENVIRONMENT and tourism minister Pohamba Shifeta on Friday said the acid train accident two weeks ago near Dune 7 could have had a devastating environmental impact and warned stakeholders handling hazardous materials to ensure they comply with Namibia's environmental laws. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-07-30
'It took four years to forgive my rapist'
HUMAN trafficking survivor and AIDS activist Herlyn Uiras says it took her exactly four years to forgive herself and her rapist following an incident that happened almost 15 years ago. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-07-30
Resettlement chaos at farm Neu Schwaben

NEU SCHWABEN - Small-scale miners at the Neu Schwaben resettlement farm near Karibib are furious that two people have illegally settled there with their livestock and that government has done nothing about it. Read more...
 CONSUMER | 2015-07-30
Namfisa reforms to help consumers
THE Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (Namfisa) wants to see greater localisation of ownership and management of insurance companies as well as the authority's relationship with insurance intermediaries. Read more...

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