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The Namibian
Wed 6 May 2015
 *BEFORE you became President you said there is a difference between a government cleaner and that of a parastatal. Bring the anticipated changes now please.
 *NAMIBIA, do you really agree that Stardust's song is the best in house music? It sounded more pop than a house song to me.
 *NAMIBIANS, we have many minerals but none are exported as finished products! The Tsumeb copper mine fails to establish a section to manufacture copper products.
 *EDUCATION minister, where is the bush allowance for cleaners in your ministry. We have been promised that for too long now.
 *NAMIBIA is a small country but has a very high road accident rate. Why can we not make all our highways four way lanes. Just saying. - Julia Ndara
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NEWS | 2015-05-07
Witbooi is overrated, says Venaani
DTA president McHenry Venaani says one of Namibia's heroes, Kaptein Hendrik Witbooi, is overrated and that there are leaders who deserve better accolades than him. Read more...
McHenry Venaani

IJG Daily Bulletin
 NATIONAL | 2015-05-07
Tweya lashes out at 'character assassinations'
MINISTER of information and technology Tjekero Tweya has accused the media of abusing their freedom of expression for character assassination. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-05-07
Drought relief bags were damaged
THE Grootfontein Constituency Councillor, Nelao Amagulu, has denied negligence over spoiled maize meal of the government's drought relief programme. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-05-07
'Workers first' - NUNW's new president Ismael Kasuto
FOR the first time in three years the National Union for Namibian Workers (NUNW) has a president. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-05-07
Hanse-Himarwa questions resettlement scores
EDUCATION minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa said the current criteria used to select beneficiaries of resettlement farms is not serving the landless Namibians. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-05-07
Engineers unhappy with Govt
CONSULTING engineers in the country are up in arms after discovering a government list allegedly created to elbow them out of government work. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-05-07
Court sees murder scene video recording
ONE of the men accused of having robbed and murdered an elderly Windhoek resident in his home near the end of August 2009 placed himself and his two co-accused at the scene of the crime when he visited the scene with police officers after his arrest. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-05-07
Jail time for corrupt education official
A CORRUPT scheme in which a Ministry of Education official pocketed money from people trying to buy their way into being employed by the ministry earned the official a prison term of two years this week. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-05-07
Minister probes college mergers ... As Alweendo calls for higher entry points
MINISTER of education Katrina Hanse-Himarwa says the decision to merge four teacher training colleges with the University of Namibia was premature and a mistake. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-05-06
Poly sacks staff over bribes
THREE Polytechnic of Namibia employees were dismissed following investigations into how some students were allowed to access their results when they owed the institution outstanding fees. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2015-05-06
NBC evicts workers
FOURTEEN Namibian Broadcasting Corporation workers were last week ordered to vacate the broadcaster's flats in Pionierspark in Windhoek. Read more...

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