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Tue 22 Jul 2014
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FIFA World Cup 2014
 • HAGE Geingob, we have been trying to serve you since your first term as Prime Minister but have only managed to gather for ourselves a little shack. We can’t charter your taxi or offer you red wine in an expensive glass but we can give you the best vetk
 • I THINK it’s time we the youth organised ourselves to have a voice on, not only how our country is run, but also the opportunities we feel will empower us to continue economic freedom. This would be a nice apolitical association. A place for discussions
 • MINISTER Charles Namoloh, after the implementation of the new salary structure, a certain manger at the Lüderitz Town Council say that he won’t follow that structure. He will do what he wants and we will see. Pay him a serious visit, please.
 • THE Ministry of Health and Social Services has never experienced a shortage of medicine for 24 years. The PS diverts from tender procedures to allocate business to his friend’s companies. Is there some sort of benefit for him there? The shortage of medi
 • I FOUND the identity document, voter’s card and Jet Stores credit card of Petronella Katjiteo. Please contact me on 0816706576.
The ministry of health is regularly in the news for all the wrong reasons. Why?

1. Incompetent leadership

2. Budgetary constraints

3. Outdated systems and infrastructure

4. There's nothing wrong at MoH

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NEWS | 2014-07-23
Unam opens cancer facility in Katutura

THE University of Namibia, through its School of Medicine, is setting up Namibia’s first diagnostic facility for breast, cervical and prostate cancer in Hakahana, Windhoek. Read more...
READY ... An employee next to cancer screening equipment inside the first cancer screening facility being set up in Namibia

IJG Daily Bulletin
 NATIONAL | 2014-07-23
Death of opposition
THE government is pushing for far-reaching constitutional changes that will concentrate more powers in the Presidency and the executive branch of the State, while diluting parliament and crippling the opposition, documents seen by The Namibian show. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-07-23
Police find missing boy among goats
A 15-MONTH-OLD boy was found alive among goats after he had wandered off while his mother was fetching firewood in the veld. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-07-23
8 000 people buried at Walvis in 81 years
HAD a similar number of people died in urban Walvis Bay over the past 80 years as had been recorded in the latest mortality statistics released by the Namibia Statistics Agency in June (159 people over a period of 12 months), there would have been about 12 720 deaths since 1933 – when land was allocated for the first cemetery there. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-07-23
Mother, minor son hacked to death in Rundu
A WOMAN and her six-year-old son were brutally hacked to death at Masivi village, about 10 km south of Rundu in the Kavango West region on Monday. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-07-23
Family blames police for grief
THE family of Dordabis farmer, Abraham Jacobus Beukes, whose head went missing after he was found dead early this month, are blaming the police for negligence. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-07-23
Petrol attendants on strike
MORE than 70 fuel attendants from various service stations across the country gathered at the Khomasdal soccer stadium on Monday in protest over their wages and working conditions. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-07-23
Group fights HIV in truck drivers
ABOUT 148 truck drivers out of 1 104 who tested for HIV between 2012 and June 2014 were positive, according to statistics given by the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG). Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-07-23
Coastal dreams turn into dust
THEY came to the coast hoping to get jobs at the mines, at tourism establishments or in the fishing industries but ended up jobless and on arid, dirty and fruitless patches of land called the DRC informal settlement. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-07-23
Swanu promises to negotiate genocide reparations
SWANU on Saturday launched its election manifesto under the theme “Vote Swanu for land, wealth, education, social justice and accountability”. Read more...
 NATIONAL | 2014-07-22
Windhoek residents pay for using pavement
WINDHOEK residents are paying rent for storing building materials on pavements in front of their houses during construction. Read more...

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